A blessed place. Like a painting on canvas that God created on this beautiful side of Greece.
Crystal waters with tints of green, magnificent beaches that have nothing less than exotic places,
sunsets full of impressions are some of exchange between pictures and colors that you will see
in Sarti and its surroundings.

There you will find Billy’s House, an beautiful accommodation unit near the local beach and Sarti center.
In our recently renovated rent rooms-studios, you will have a comfortable and pleasant stay during your vacations.


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A few words about Sarti

Sarti is built at the eastern coast of the Peninsula of Sithonia. It was named after an ancient city,
which was built at the same location. We encounter the name “Sarti” in Herodotu, who mentions
the ancient city as a stoppage of Xerxis fleet expedition. Moreover, Sarti was a member of the
Athenian confederation.

The timedate of the causes of its destruction are not known. A village named Sarti is also mentioned
during the 14th Century. After 1922, it was inhabited by Near East refugees.

Nowadays, Sarti constitutes a touristic center, where the visitor can enjoy the beauty of nature,
combining mountain and sea.


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