About Sarti


Sarti is built at the eastern coast of the Peninsula of Sithonia. It was named after an ancient city,
which was built at the same location. We encounter the name “Sarti” in Herodotu, who mentions
the ancient city as a stoppage of Xerxis fleet expedition. Moreover, Sarti was a member of the
Athenian confederation.

The timedate of the causes of its destruction are not known. A village named Sarti is also mentioned
during the 14th Century. After 1922, it was inhabited by Near East refugees.

Nowadays, Sarti constitutes a touristic center, where the visitor can enjoy the beauty of nature,
combining mountain and sea. The crystal clear green-blue water of the sea, the white sand,
the beautiful bays, the unique coasts “protected” by picturesque rocks, enchant the visitor and
become unforgettable memories for the friends of the sea.

The place is ideal for windsurfing, water skiing, fishing and going for boat rides to the nearby beaches.
The hospitality of the inhabitants is something granted. The restaurants and fish taverns of the village,
offer traditional Greek cuisine and fresh fish. Enjoy your coffee or your icecream in the cafes and
experience the vivid nightlife.

Local Authorities

  • Municipal Department of Sarti:
    +30 23750 94360
  • Citizen Service Center (Sykia):
    +30 23750 41722
  • City Hall of Sithonia (Nikiti):
    +30 23753 50100

Health Services

  • Pharmacy (Sarti):
    +30 23750 94000
  • Community Doctor (Sarti):
    +30 23750 94642
  • Health Center (Agios Nikolaos):
    +30 23753 50000
  • General Hospital (Polygyros):
    +30 23710 20100-1


  • Emergency Service:
  • Police:
    +30 23750 31111 & 100
  • Fire Department:
    23710 22644 & 199
  • European Emergency Service:

Useful Info

  • Postal Code:
  • GPS Coordinates:
    LAT 40.0926623
    LON 23.9785836
  • Distance from Airport (SKG):
    130 km


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